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Very informative, helpful, pleasant and not pushy, extremely professional and friendly service.

Miss Annette Richards

20th September 2017

My experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Cardiff was memorable because the car I purchased was exactly what I wanted with no pressure on me to buy.

Mr Cliff Holifield

20th September 2017

I was happy with the service at Sinclair Volkswagen Cardiff because the service was outstanding. I've already emailed the manager regarding the high level of customer care. Was really second to none

Miss Carly Gibson

19th September 2017

The overall experience from buying a car at Sinclair VW was extremely good and I wouldn't hesitate about coming back again for another time in the future.

Mr Arthur Minto

19th September 2017

I had a great experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Cardiff because .

Mr & Mrs Mahesh Kerai

18th September 2017

My experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Cardiff was memorable because I received a very professional and friendly service, and bought the car I wanted on the right deal - very happy!

Mr Andy Harris

15th September 2017

Friendly staff

Mrs Julie Muir

15th September 2017

The experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Swansea was great because personable salesperson and efficient service.

Dr D

15th September 2017

Sinclair Volkswagen Newport were great because good service and helpful detailed knowledge

Mr Brown

15th September 2017

I am an old customer and have dealt with Sinclair for many years. I have found them to be fair t do business with. I have always been happy with their services.

Mr Geraint Jenkins

15th September 2017

It would have been nice for the salesperson to contact me after purchases. So that way we wouldn't have felt they just wanted the sales however, I was overall extremely satisfied.

Mr Thomas Middleton

15th September 2017

I'd suggest Sinclair Volkswagen Newport to a friend because it's a very friendly place and extremely professional

Mrs Debbie Watts

15th September 2017

The experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Swansea was great because it dealt with the repair to my vehicle very well.

Mr Edward Langford

15th September 2017

I'd endorse Sinclair Volkswagen Newport because they offer excellent customer service and are very professional with their car servicing and they offer good value for money.

Mr Andrew Emery

15th September 2017

The experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Swansea was fantastic because out of the other sincalir garages in South Wales, Holly replied back with not only a good response but useful information.

Mr Nightingale

14th September 2017

I'd recommend Sinclair Volkswagen Swansea to anyone because they have longstanding experienced staff who know their customers and their vehicles

Mr Andrew Roberts

14th September 2017

I'd definitely recommend Sinclair Volkswagen Port Talbot because of friendly staff who deal with case professionally. Service manager Robert was very helpful and spent a plenty of time with me explaining things.

Mr Jafar Ojra

13th September 2017

I was happy with the service at Sinclair Volkswagen Bridgend because everything went smoothly.

Miss Susan Robinson

13th September 2017

Good availability of physical stock to view. Competitive deal offered.

Mr Dylan Herbert

13th September 2017

My experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Bridgend was positive because my wife and I were welcomed even though it was 16;55 and were offered hot drinks and a sales person was on hand within 60 seconds of our being received in the reception area and went through details of our current position and discussed with honesty the vehicle we require, ie VW tiguan 1.4 dsg se nav which would not be made available for 4 to 5 months. Continued correspondence by e-mail to maintain contact has been excellent and we hope to conclude a deal. THIS IS NOT OUR NEAREST DEALERSHIP, BUT WE HAVE PURCHASED MANY VEHICLES FROM SINCLAIR GARAGES OVER THE YEARS. We both enjoyed our experience and will return once current position has been resolved with lease.

Mr Gregory Thomas

13th September 2017

I was very happy with the service provided at Sinclair Bridgend. Very pleasant and helpful staff. The sales rep. Chris is a credit to Sinclairs. He was extremely helpful and made the whole experience a pleasure from start to finish.

Mr Ross Mather

12th September 2017

I'd recommend Sinclair Volkswagen Neyland to a friend because the customer service was absolutely brilliant. Wide range of vehicles to look at. Staff very helpful.

Miss Janie J

12th September 2017

Sinclair Volkswagen Swansea were really helpful and I'd recommend them because they are straightforward nice people who will are willing to work out a fair deal

Mr Peter Frost

12th September 2017

The experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Neyland was great because Andy gave me the best customer service experience I have ever had. His professionalism was exceptional. Nothing was too much trouble for him. He even went into the dealership on his pre booked holiday to undertake the handover. I travelled from Derbyshire to collect my car ad will be happy to do so again when I change my car again in 3 years time. That's guaranteed.

Mrs Helena Oliver

12th September 2017

The service was outstanding, would definitely recommend sinclair port talbot

Ms Valerie Thomas

12th September 2017

Sinclair Volkswagen Cardiff were great because I'm always happy with the service they give and they have all got smiles on their faces :)

Miss Alexandra Gully

12th September 2017

The experience at Sinclair Volkswagen Bridgend was great because our sales representative was extremely courteous and friendly. No pressure for a sale was made but the manner in which he conducted himself was a credit to the dealership.

Mr Keith Price

10th September 2017

Sinclair Volkswagen Bridgend were helpful because, my sales executive Chris Adrian, was extremely friendly, professional, approachable, and also very informative of Volkswagen.s cars and products, he was very attentive and even though I was purchasing a used car, he treated me as though I was purchasing a new one. He had plenty of patience with me, and instilled me with confidence on the car I was purchasing, I felt able to ask him questions without being ridiculed. He made the whole process effortlees. I would have no hesitation in recommending Chris or Sinclair Bridgend to anyone.

Mr Lee Durham

8th September 2017

I was pleased with Sinclair Volkswagen Newport and would recommend them because they give excellent service very professional and go above and beyond.

Miss Bethany Watson

8th September 2017

overall the service is good and the cars are good

Mrs P

8th September 2017

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