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Please see below the maintenance options available with our fixed price servicing.

Servicing Item Price
Air filter replacement (included in major service) £35.00
Fuel filter replacement (included in major service) £55.00
Spark plugs renew (included in major service) £79.00
Air-conditioning refresh (every year) £29.00
Air-conditioning service (includes refresh, every 2 years) £79.00
Brake fluid change (every 2 years) £59.00
DSG transmission oil & filter change (every 40,000 miles) £179.00
4 wheel drive oil change (every 40,000 miles) £65.00
Brake Pads Front £129
Brake Pads Rear £129
Brake Pads & Discs Front £249
Brake Pads & Discs Rear £249

Segmented maintenance jobs.

Cambelt and tensioner change (every 4 years)* £349
Cambelt and tensioner change including water pump replaced £399

Terms and conditions: All prices include parts, oil, labour and VAT (20%) costs. *Customers who reach the mileage limit before 4 years may be advised to change their cambelt sooner. Up to and including 2.0 litre vehicles.

Fixed Price Servicing Prices

Touareg Only


Minor Service






Minor & MOT


Major & MOT


All Cars (exc Touareg)


Minor Service






Minor & MOT


Major & MOT






4wd oil




Cambelt & Water pump


Front or Rear Break Pads


Front or rear break Pads &Disks


Air Conditioning service


Air Conditioning refresh


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