Why Should You Test Drive The New UP! GTI?

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Volkswagen have released their new, sporty, UP! GTI, and if you weren’t convinced to take it for a spin, you sure will after reading this…


Sportiest UP! You’ve Ever Seen

Known for being small yet mighty, the new UP! GTI is mightier than ever before. This model screams sports car from its exterior design, to its GTI engine. From the side stripes to the radiator grille, this UP! sets itself apart from its predecessor models in a classy way. If you can’t tell a difference from that, this GTI has tinted rear windows and 17” Oswald alloy wheels that feature the cars bright red brake callipers, to ensure you look good whilst covering some miles!


Pristine Interior

For a small car of 362.8cm, the UP! GTI is fills with pristine décor, including the tartan ‘Jacara’ print and ‘red pixels’ dash that expel high fashion. Not to mention, the GTI gear knob is a perfect reminder of the power behind the wheel, whilst the chrome elements throughout the interior lining blasts a sleek addition to this sporty motor.

UP! GTI Interior

Keep Entertained, Wherever You Are

All UP! models before this GTI have incomparable entertainment systems. This car has been fitted with the best technology you could want in a city car! The large touchscreen in the centre of a dashboard acts as a ‘maps and more dock’ where you can not only alter your ‘climatronic’ air conditioning system, but also connect to your smartphone to connect to your car, friends, and favourite playlists, which play on an amazing Dr Dre 300 Watts sound system. For when you’re driving, the Bluetooth Connectivity allows you to use your phone as a radio and keep connected to all your incoming calls.

UP! GTI Dashboard

Get UP! And Go

If you have a need for power, the UP! GTI is the car for you! Light on its toes at 1070kg, the 999cc triple engine works perfectly with the cars 6-speed manual gearbox to get you from 0-62mph in a super quick 8.8 seconds!

This beautiful UP! models lightweight body allows drivers to feel the accuracy and immediate reaction of its steering as the wheels ensure perfect grip between the car and the road. So if you like to drive a sporty car, with a city-car body, the UP! GTI is the perfect model to test drive!

Volkswagen UP! GTI

Check out our current range of UP! models online now!

How To Tell If You Need To Change Your Tyres.

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If you aren’t a car specialist, it can be difficult to tell when it’s time to change your tyres. We’ve created this guide, so you know what to look out for!

Reduced Tread Depth

The most common sign that you should change our tyres is the depth of the tread of the tyres. You should remember the legal requirement for the tread is 1.6mm, which can easily be checked with a 20p coin. The health of the tread is also shown from any cracks in the sidewall of the tyres, which indicates the tread is drying out and so could give way – calling for you to change them!
Test Tyre Tread

The Tyres Age

You should change your tyres every 5 to 6 years depending on their condition, as the chemical structure of the tyre deteriorates in this time. Tyre manufacturers state that the age is important over the amount of tread left, due to this reason.

Blisters and Slits

Whenever you check your tyres, you should check for bulges, slits, and holes on the surface of the tyre. You should really look for these as you can’t detect any air leaking out from this sort of wear-and-tear, so you might not even realise there’s an issue.

Broken Tyre

Vibrations and Noises

If when you’re driving you feel an unusual vibration then you need to stop and investigate the health of your tyres! Excessive vibration from your tyres can lead to you having a serious accident, make your vehicle a danger on the road.
Similarly, if you hear whining, thumping, or squealing whilst you’re driving, it could be due to your tyres condition or that they are not aligned correctly. Either cause of these strange noises would mean you should not drive and evaluate the state of your tyres.

Broken Car

Remember these four checks to make on your tyres in order to prepare yourself for winter this year!
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Are You Ready For A “Baby” SUV? Meet The VW T-Roc.

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Volkswagen T-Roc

If you’re in need of the perfect compact SUV with a sporty coupe silhouette and customisable design, then the T-Roc from Volkswagen is the ideal car for you. Its daytime running lights and TSI petrol engine ensures you can power through all weather, and with an economic diesel engine option, the engine turbocharges to provide the car with direct fuel injection. Here’s some of the best features why the T-Roc is the best car for you.

4MOTION Technology

The 4MOTION control of the T-Roc allocated power across all four wheels to give you the very best traction on any terrain your adventure takes you on. The car combines 4MOTION with its handling control systems to keep your journey smooth. With features like electronic stability control, engine drag torque control and electronic differential locking, a single push of a button can change your driving from Onroad to Offroad, from Rain to Snow and many other conditions, to provide you with a versatile new SUV.

Interior Technology for Connectivity

The T-Roc is fitted with ultimate connectivity features, like Car Net which provides the cabin with internet, so you can connect your car to your apps, your phone, and navigation. And for those longer trips, the optional voice control allows you to wirelessly charge you phone whilst staying connected through voice activation. Keep all the family entertained with the state-of-the-art Beats sound system that will fill the car with the latest tunes.

Volkswagen T-Roc Interior

Always Assisting

No matter what type of driver you are, the T-Roc is here to assist and make your driving experience as smooth and easy as possible. If you need a little assistance with parking, Park Assist will guide you into every space, while the blind spot sensors notify you when a obstacles are close through the LED display in the wing mirrors. Whether you’re adventuring in the country or whizzing around a city, emergency braking and front assist with city emergency features will ensure you avoid any accidents.

VW T-Roc

Coming Soon

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The VW Touareg – What Is A Hybrid Powertrain?

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You may have heard of the Volkswagen Touareg, but are you aware of the power of its upcoming hybrid version? Continue reading to find out what you can expect from the Touareg Hybrid!

Touareg Hybrid engine

A Powerful & Economic Engine

The newest addition of the VW Touareg means its specialised engine shares the drivetrain with a Porsche Cayenne Hybrid, allowing it to be supercharged with a 35kW electric motor to release 375bhp. This incredibly powerful engine gets the Touareg from 0-60mph in just 6.5 seconds and can even reach nearly 150mph!

Lighter & More Tech Savvy

The VW Touareg Hybrid has been fitted with updated to make it better than ever! Whilst its weight has been reduced by 10% to 203kg, it remains roomier and more economical than ever before, with a Blue Motion pack that reducing consumption and saves fuel. The car is fitted with a four-wheel drive system for its 19inch alloy wheels that have been remodified to have a 40mm wheelbase length to cover more ground.

A Modern Yet Classic Interior

Keeping to its expected form, the Touareg is modern, fresh, and sleek, fitted with luxury seating and high technology to keep you both entertained and in the right direction, with an 8-inch touchscreen radio and sat-nav. To give you the ultimate 5-seater room, here is 1642 litres of load space, so drivers can fill up and go!

Read Touareg Hybrid

Find more information about the new VW Touareg models we have available here.

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VW Touareg Hybrid

VW Paint Colours Spotted in Nature

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When you buy a new Volkswagen from us, you will be able to choose from a wide range of lovely colours and finishes, as well as obviously configuring the spec of your dream Volkswagen too.

Following a lovely coastal drive the other day when the sea almost exactly matched the cool, “Blue Silk” metallic shade we see our customers so often selecting, it inspired us. Where can you spot the awesome VW paint colour range in nature?

Here are some of our suggestions – can you think of any others?

Blue Silk as seen on the Polo S

Volkswagen Golf with Blue Silk Paint
Blue Silk is always a popular colour in the Polo range, probably because its cool, calming shade can take away some of the stresses of your commute. In addition, it manages to look classy and sophisticated, without standing out TOO much in a crowd, a balance that some of the brighter and more “out-there” shades struggle to achieve.

Red Flash paint on the Scirocco GTS

Volkswagen Scirocco with Red Flash Paint

Red is a classic car colour, eternally popular, and never more so than when it’s combined with the sleek lines and sporty silhouette of a true sports car like the Scirocco GTS.

In fact, we chose this model to showcase it because of that subtle bonnet stripe which we think just completes the effect. Seen in nature, this red tends to be associated with one of two extremes – danger, or attraction. Which do you feel with this wall of fierce red flowers and that Volkswagen accompaniment?

Tumeric Yellow Metallic as seen on the Arteon R-Line

Volkswagen Arteon with Turmeric Yellow Metallic Paint

Talk about an obvious answer – even the paint name acknowledges the influence of that most yellow of spices, the Turmeric root. However, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to show off the stunning new Arteon model, the latest addition to the always luxurious Volkswagen range. This premium saloon just oozes elegance, and in the distinctive shades like this one you’ll never have to worry about getting lost in a crowd – or finding your car in a car park!

Bottle Green on the Beetle Cabriolet

Volkswagen Beetle Cabriolet with Bottle Green Paint

In a “last farewell” to summer, we’ve chosen to showcase our final paint choice in nature on the summery VW Beetle Cabriolet, a summer classic. This rich, almost emerald green is a direct match for that spectacular green you can spot in a peacock’s feathers – rich, sophisticated and very luxurious. In addition, green isn’t a particularly common colour on British roads, so you’ll be guaranteed to turn a few heads!

Have you seen any Volkswagen paint colours reflected in nature? Why not comment with your favourites below?


Why you should sign up for My Volkswagen

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If you own a Volkswagen you should sign up to My Volkswagen as soon as possible. This isn’t so Volkswagen can sell you things or bombard you with offers. When you sign up to My Volkswagen you’re taking full ownership of your Volkswagen and the ongoing upkeep of your vehicle. If you aren’t already, I’m sure you’re wondering what the benefits of this app are? Read on below for more information. Continue reading