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Gold Volkswagen Golf from rear

Why Choose Volkswagen Cars for Your Company

Volkswagen recognises that efficiency and economy are amongst the primary considerations for companies when choosing their fleet vehicles.

Ongoing research and development means that Volkswagen is constantly introducing new technology and innovations to deliver supreme performance across the range as well as greater savings on fuel and tax.

Bluemotion Technologies Logo

BlueMotion Technology

The intelligent refinement of existing technology together with new, energy-saving innovations is bringing efficiency and economy benefits to fleets. Working in conjunction with Volkswagen’s advanced range of engines and gearboxes, developments such as the automatic start/stop function, low rolling resistance tyres and improved aerodynamics are all combining under the BlueMotion banner to meet the tough demands of today’s fleet sector.

Semi-Transparent Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen BlueMotion Models

BlueMotion Technology is now available across the entire Volkswagen range and incorporates the brand’s innovative technologies, including the DSG dual-clutch gearbox as well as the renowned TSI and TDI engines.

Volkswagen eGolf image showing engine and powertrain

Volkswagen All-electric Vehicles

Volkswagen is charging ahead with its development of all-electric vehicles. Drivers seeking zero emissions together with the usual Volkswagen refinement and state-of-the-art specifications should look no further than models like the e-up! and e-Golf.

White Volkswagen Golf GTE Hybrid

Volkswagen Golf GTE Hybrid

The Golf GTE is a hybrid with high appeal. Combining the very best of Volkswagen electric and petrol technology, it offers superlative performance as well as the ability for zero emissions with the all-electric function.