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Posted:08 November 2019 | Category: General,New Model

2020 Volkswagen Golf Gets Mild Hybrid Engines

At Sinclair Volkswagen, we always want to keep you updated with the latest Volkswagen news. So, we’re happy to announce the creation of a new and exciting Volkswagen Golf that’s set to be unleashed next year. The first generation of Golfs to feature mild-hybrid technology, the range will include options that have a 1 litre, three-cylinder turbo or 1.5-litre turbo engine – showing that they are modern vehicles that are going to push the boundaries. 

With Volkswagen going through a lot of changes, including revealing the extraordinary Volkswagen ID.3 EV range, they want to retain their leading position within the industry. Alongside the electric vehicles, the popular Golf is evolving. This eighth-generation model is perfect for those wanting a car that offers low emissions and running costs, alongside state-of-the-art media, safety and convenience features.

Exterior Appearance 

The new Golf Mk8 range will feature a lower roofline, slimmer headlights and sharper creases that adds a sophisticated yet sporty look to the range. Retaining the styling of the original Golf collection, it will appeal to both fans of the range and new buyers.

Technical Aspects

Not only did the Volkswagen engineers spend a considerable amount of time designing the steering so that it’s efficient and responsive, but they also wanted to introduce a powerful 48V mild hybrid system. Available on the petrol models, this system will capture the energy that would normally be lost by braking, before sending it to the battery. By redeploying it, the vehicle will benefit from an improved performance – allowing for you to pull away more efficiently alongside switching the engine off if the car is coasting.

Instead of the Golf’s traditional six-speed manually-operated gearbox, each of the Mk8 range will benefit from a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox that’s operated automatically – further aiding the efficiency of the vehicle. 

The new Golf will also feature a 10-inch infotainment touchscreen that’s been beautifully paired with a 10.25-inch digital cockpit display and windscreen head display – which comes with voice and touch control, as well as Amazon Alexa capability. Modern conveniences that will appeal to those with families as well as solo travellers, the touchscreen will undoubtedly come in handy.

Safety Aspects

In terms of its safety aspects, the new mild-hybrid Golf range will feature Car2X. This built-in system will exchange information with the emergency services if an accident occurs or if there are roadworks/traffic jams or broken-down vehicles on your route. 

Designed to cut down the number of accidents, as well as improving the convenience of your journey, if it detects an accident or that the traffic has stopped ahead, it will trigger the brake lights to allow for the car’s behind you to stop in plenty of time. This cutting-edge technology will also inform you of any emergency services approaching that might need to run a red light.

Alongside the Car2X technology, the new Golfs will feature automatic emergency braking that will intervene in the case of the car colliding with another vehicle, cyclist or pedestrian.

The GTE Plug-in Electric Hybrid (PHEV)

Alongside the three new 48V mild hybrid vehicles, the 2020 range is also offering a revitalised GTE plug-in hybrid. Requiring regular charging, these electric cars feature an electric motor alongside a 1.4-litre engine – meaning that you can travel further without having to worry. The energy produced by the GTE will be stored within a built-in 13kWh battery, designed to provide over 50% more capacity overall.