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Posted:16 March 2020 | Category: Motoring News,New Model

New Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTD to be showcased at 2020 Geneva Motor Show

New Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTD at 2020 Geneva Motor Show

If you like the overall Volkswagen make and model, then you’ll love the news that there is a new Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTD to be shown off at the 2020 Geneva Motor show. There are so many reasons to get energized about this announcement and sneak peek event.

Car buying should be exciting, and it’s always fun when there’s a new car to look forward to shopping for when you’re out and about. The Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTD is especially a car that you should feel eager to learn more about and view. Take time to get a better understanding and feel for it, so when the motor show rolls around, you feel fully educated on the matter.

Engines & Performance

The reason the VW Golf GTD is the most powerful diesel engine in the model’s history is that the turbocharged 2.0-litre diesel engine produces 197bhp. It’s not only one of the most powerful vehicles, but you’ll be happy to know it’s also efficient. It has the lowest emissions in the model’s history. The traction will improve, and you can expect to see a 0-62mph-time of 7.4 seconds. You can choose from three core driving models which are called Eco, Comfort, and Sport and switching between these will sharpen the car’s steering and throttle.

Technology, Safety & Practicality

On the interior, you’ll find connectivity tech that includes a digital instrument cluster and infotainment touch screen system. There’s even a feature that will allow you to communicate with other cars nearby so you can avoid traffic jams. The upholstery is black and grey, and there are touch controls and ambient interior lighting on the steering wheel. One of the best parts about this new Volkswagen is that you will feel safer driving it. It includes an emergency braking system so the car will be brought to a halt if it detects an upcoming hazard. You can also set it in cruise control mode and let the car do all the work with minimal effort on your part. The reason it’s a more practical option is that it’s more spacious, as the dimensions will increase, with plenty of room in the boot to store your belongings when you travel.

The Style

The New Mk8 Volkswagen Golf GTD has a very attractive look and feel. However, note this model is going to be sportier, and the design will have a more aggressively formed front bumper. When it comes to lighting, there’s plenty to observe and to be admired. There’s an optional LED light bar that spans the width of the front grille and includes LED headlights and daytime running lights which are standard.

Furthermore, there’s a honeycomb grille, and x-shaped LED fog lights included on the lower section of the nose. The standard alloy wheels size is 17-in, with the option to go up to 18-in and 19-in if you choose. The overall hues of the body accents are a mix of silver and black. As for the rear of the car, you’ll find a restyled bumper and diffuser and on the left side will be a twin exhaust.

Let Sinclair Volkswagen keep you informed about the arrival of this brand new Golf!