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Posted:19 May 2020 | Category: News

New Volkswagen Tiguan 2020 Facelift Teased

Volkswagen Tiguan Concept

New Volkswagen Tiguan 2020 Facelift Teased

A glimpse of the new Volkswagen Tiguan has been teased in this colourful design sketch, our first official look at the upcoming 2020 model. The Tiguan overtook the VW Golf as Volkswagen’s best-selling vehicle last year. Considering the second-generation Tiguan appeared as long ago as 2016, it is due an update.

Expected to be released this summer - COVID-19 restrictions permitting - the new and improved Tiguan boasts an enhanced design, more efficient engines and cutting-edge technology.


On first impression, the new Volkswagen Tiguan has undergone some interesting stylistic changes. The sleeker, sportier shape gives the car a more dynamic feel, signifying a major departure from the classic look of the earlier models.

The front end has been revamped, with slimmer headlights and new LED elements extending further back into the car’s wings than previous incarnations. This is rounded off with a reshaped front grille and bumper design, inspired by the VW Touareg, and the brand new VW logo featuring prominently front and centre.

Although Volkswagen is yet to release official images of the Tiguan’s rear end, it is expected to follow the same, sleek and sporty design philosophy. Indeed, unofficial snaps have shown the updated model to have a new LED rear light design and restyled bumper, again featuring alongside the new VW logo.


Full details of the Volkswagen Tiguan’s interior space have yet to be revealed but according to Henrik Muth, Volkswagen’s head of product marketing, it will be “100% connected, upgradable over-the-air, it will offer online services, and it will get voice recognition software." The 2020 model will most likely follow the example of Volkswagen’s new Golf, with a more streamlined display, far fewer physical buttons and a heavier leaning towards touch-sensitive systems. 

The new VW Tiguan brings all the latest technology, boasting the new MIB-3 infotainment system, an Active Info Display virtual instrument cluster and a head-up display, allowing drivers to avoid distractions and enjoy greater focus on the road in front of them. Based on the previous model, we can hope to see these new technology features accompanied by in-car Wi-Fi connectivity as well as improved safety features.


With the new Tiguan, Volkswagen is set to continue its environmental push, embracing mild-hybrid technology with additional confirmation that a plug-in version will be revealed by the end of the year. Going by other recent Volkswagen releases, we can expect this to include such features as electrical assistance to save fuel, a more efficient start-stop system and an engine that can turn itself off when coasting.

When is it available?

Although a firm date has not been announced, we can hope to see the new Volkswagen Tiguan unveiled in summer of this year. And, depending on the outcome of the current global situation, it looks likely that it will first hit showrooms in 2022.

While you wait for the new model to be unveiled in all its glory, in the meantime you can read more about the Volkswagen Tiguan, or browse other available models.