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Posted:24 May 2019 | Category: General,News

How to Setup App Connect Volkswagen

How to Setup App Connect Volkswagen

Volkswagen has always focused on delivering buyers with the best and most innovative technology. This is certainly true when exploring App Connect. The system has been available in Volkswagen cars since 2008 and today is virtually a standard. It is unlike other options on the market, purely due to the fact that it allows you to access three different connective possibilities through the same system. These are MirrorLink, CarPlay from Apple and Android Auto. It opens up smart vehicle control and connectivity to all app users, regardless of what devices you favour.

As well as this, the systems can be used with three infotainment systems. These are the Discover Navigation, Discover Navigation Pro and Composition Media.

Different App Connect Systems Explained

Apple CarPlay is the latest connect system available. As the name suggests, this is designed to provide access to your Apple devices. You can control everything through it from Spotify to Skype. Take calls, listen to music or explore Apple maps all from the same system by connecting to your phone.

Android Auto is designed to provide a solution that allows you to open up your Android apps and utilise them safely while driving. Once again, you can listen to music, podcasts and access a whole range of different apps as well. These can be controlled through voice control too thanks to the incorporation of Google Voice.

Alternatively, you can connect to your smartphone through the Mirror Link app. Once again, this ensures that you will be able to access all the apps from your phone that you need while driving with a completely hands-free experience.

Setting Up App Connect

Attempting to pair your phone to your car via Bluetooth is not always a simple process, but this is no longer the case when you use the App Connect system. If you are using Apple CarPlay then the process is as simple as plugging your smartphone in and the car will instantly recognize that you already have the app installed. If you are going to use App-Connect or MirrorLink, the process involves a little more input from you, but it is the same for both and you will find that it isn’t too difficult.

The first thing that you need to do is make sure that the smartphone is on and unlocked as well as making sure your radio system is on. If you are using Android Auto you need to ensure you have a Google account signed in on your device. Then you can hit the Menu button which you will find on the right side of your touchscreen.

Once you have the menu open, you will find App-Connect is an option located in the middle and if you tap on this you will be able to access the features available. You can then plug in your USB and press the Device List button that you will find in the App-Connect menu. Give it a moment to find your device and then tap your device name to begin pairing. An ‘OK’ button will appear once the data has been transferred between devices. Finally, you will see a warning to pay attention to driving, click accept and you can start using your apps!

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