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Posted:29 March 2018 | Category: Fleet News

Why Should You Test Drive The New UP! GTI?

Volkswagen have released their new, sporty, UP! GTI, and if you weren’t convinced to take it for a spin, you sure will after reading this…


Sportiest UP! You’ve Ever Seen

Known for being small yet mighty, the new UP! GTI is mightier than ever before. This model screams sports car from its exterior design, to its GTI engine. From the side stripes to the radiator grille, this UP! sets itself apart from its predecessor models in a classy way. If you can’t tell a difference from that, this GTI has tinted rear windows and 17” Oswald alloy wheels that feature the cars bright red brake callipers, to ensure you look good whilst covering some miles!


Pristine Interior

For a small car of 362.8cm, the UP! GTI is fills with pristine décor, including the tartan ‘Jacara’ print and ‘red pixels’ dash that expel high fashion. Not to mention, the GTI gear knob is a perfect reminder of the power behind the wheel, whilst the chrome elements throughout the interior lining blasts a sleek addition to this sporty motor.

UP! GTI Interior

Keep Entertained, Wherever You Are

All UP! models before this GTI have incomparable entertainment systems. This car has been fitted with the best technology you could want in a city car! The large touchscreen in the centre of a dashboard acts as a ‘maps and more dock’ where you can not only alter your ‘climatronic’ air conditioning system, but also connect to your smartphone to connect to your car, friends, and favourite playlists, which play on an amazing Dr Dre 300 Watts sound system. For when you’re driving, the Bluetooth Connectivity allows you to use your phone as a radio and keep connected to all your incoming calls.

UP! GTI Dashboard

Get UP! And Go

If you have a need for power, the UP! GTI is the car for you! Light on its toes at 1070kg, the 999cc triple engine works perfectly with the cars 6-speed manual gearbox to get you from 0-62mph in a super quick 8.8 seconds!

This beautiful UP! models lightweight body allows drivers to feel the accuracy and immediate reaction of its steering as the wheels ensure perfect grip between the car and the road. So if you like to drive a sporty car, with a city-car body, the UP! GTI is the perfect model to test drive!

Volkswagen UP! GTI

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