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Posted:23 January 2018 | Category: Digital

Why you should use the My Volkswagen App

My Volkswagen App

Owning a car isn’t all plain sailing convenience, there are many things to keep on top of in order to keep it in optimum condition. This isn’t always easy, because there are so many different aspects of your car to manage at one time – this is why Volkswagen have created the My Volkswagen App so you can now keep track of everything your car needs on your mobile.

The app is so good that it allows you to do pretty much everything you can do on their website, such as register with My Volkswagen, set your favourite retailer, get service reminders, store details of your car and schedule in work needed.

If you’re a new customer or you’re an existing customer awaiting the arrival of your new Volkswagen, you can track its delivery! Also when servicing time inevitably comes, because all cars need to be serviced to keep them in top condition, you can keep tabs on what’s happening to your car – all from the palm of your hand!

Do you own a Volkswagen?

If you currently own a Volkswagen or you have one on order; the My Volkswagen app will help you to stay up to speed with the health of your car, keep track of your car’s servicing progress and also keep a full history so you can be at peace with your mind at anytime and anywhere.

Interested in buying a new Volkswagen?

If you’re perhaps looking to buy a new Volkswagen or you’re even just curious to see what else is on offer, the My Volkswagen App is your perfect partner to help you search. Within the app you can configure your car, refine it and then when you are finished with your masterpiece you can save it so you can come back and explore your saved configurations.

Placed an order with us?

Track your order with the My Volkswagen App! Stalk your new car as it is in transit from factory to dealership. You can also set the app to alert you for real-time updates, so if your car has been finished and is ready to leave the factory – you’ll know!

Contact Us

To speak to one of our expert advisors about any of the My Volkswagen App features mentioned in this blog please click here to use our online enquiry form. To download the app, head over to your app store and search for 'My Volkswagen'.

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