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Posted:17 September 2019 | Category: General

Volkswagen Celebrate 3rd Win for the VW up! at Auto Express Awards

VW is no stranger to making quality cars. This year, the company is celebrating a third win in a row for the VW up! Once again, the vehicle has been named City Car of the Year in the Auto Express Awards, a title that it has held for the last two years.

Why Did the Volkswagen up! Win?

VW has always had a strong presence in the city car segment. The automaker has a history of making small urban-going vehicles ever since the introduction of the first Golf. The up! however, is the culmination of decades of experience in building small cars, much of it gained through the manufacture of the Polo and Golf.

Why did the car win Auto Express's coveted award? There were several reasons. The main one was the vehicle's compactness. VW has managed to cram a vast amount of usable space and functionality into a relatively small footprint. The car is surprisingly small to look at but opens up once you get on the inside, providing a world of possibility.

The editors of the magazine also liked the visibility out of the cockpit and the feel of the manual gear shift lever. The feedback from the gearstick is both supple and robust - not something you find very often on small city hatchbacks.

According to the Editor-In-Chief at the magazine, Steve Fowler, the up!  is in its element when driving around town. When VW set out to build a city-going car, it focused on more than just size and cost. The up! provides drivers with other things that they want, like improved visibility and plenty of luggage room too.

Speaking of space for your bags, the up! provides you with ample room to put all your suitcases too if you're travelling on holiday or need to take your luggage to the airport. The 251-litre boot is both practical and welcome, making the up! something that even a family could use for their day to day travel needs.

VW also focused on making the console intuitive to use for people who might not be used to the idea of having lots of technology in their car. The in-car tech system makes it easy to navigate or listen to your favourite music through the respectable speaker system.

Winning for Three Years in A Row Proves the Quality of the up!

Not all small cars offer excellent quality. Many manufacturers target the entry-level segment of the market. VW, however, doesn't seem to have noticed this, and makes the up! to the same high standards as the rest of the models in their fleet. A representative for VW in the UK said that the fact that the company had won the Auto Express best city car for three years on the trot was an indication of the winning package the company had created. The up! offers drivers practically everything that they could ever want from a small car while at the same time getting access to VW's legendary build quality.

If you're looking for a quality city car, then you can't do better than the VW up!