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Posted:04 September 2019 | Category: General,Motoring News

Volkswagen Celebrates Production of One Million VW Touareg With Special Edition

When SUVs became popular a couple of decades ago, many thought that it would be a passing trend. Nobody expected that a company like Volkswagen would be celebrating sales of SUVs in the millions. But in 2019, that’s precisely what’s happened.

Volkswagen has been making the Touareg - the company’s leading SUV - since 2002. Back then, it was a kind of experiment to see whether people were willing to ditch the VW Golf and the VW Passat in favour of a much larger car. However, it soon became clear that the gamble had paid off and the Touareg became a vital component of the VW range, helping to keep it competitive as manufacturers in the Far East began creating city-going 4x4s of their own.

The New “One Million” Touareg Special Edition

This year, Volkswagen is celebrating the production of one million Touareg’s with a special edition version of the vehicle. The new Touareg will include several features which VW hopes that buyers will love. First, the car will feature stylish inscriptions with the phrase “ONE Million” on the sill panels and the B-pillar. The vehicle will also feature upgraded black glossy on the wheel arches and diffuser. The darkened front and rear lights will help to improve the appearance of the already stylish exterior, and the car will come with massive 21-inch allow wheels.

Buyers will also be able to specify a range of new colours, including the optional Sechura Beige.

The changes aren’t limited to the car’s exterior either. VW is also making the car’s interior into a feast for the eyes. The German automaker will furnish the interior seating with Puglia leather and use diamond stitching throughout. The seating will come in amber brown, providing a handsome contrast to the rest of the neutral-themed interior of the vehicle.

VW isn’t planning on stopping there, though. The company also plans to upgrade the appearance of the centre console and include its new “Innovision Cockpit” - something that makes making adjustments far more convenient while driving.

This range-topping Touareg comes with a V6 turbodiesel engine capable of putting out 286 PS, making it supremely powerful both on and off the road.

More About the VW Touareg

VW has always used the Touareg as a kind of showcase for what it’s able to do. The car was already a leader in automotive technology when it released in 2002. Since then, the company has continued to iterate and update the technology in the vehicle.

One of the most attractive aspects of the Touareg has been its practicality, and this doesn’t change with the introduction of the current model. The One Million will pull a trailer weight of up to 3.5 tons and will feature WiFi connectivity as standard.

The One Million Model of the Touareg will be among the most attractive to date. It’s a premium option that will compete in the luxury SUV segment with the likes of Porsche and Volvo. The new special edition version of the Touareg will help to keep the model’s winning streak going and enable it to push well past one million sales and onto two, three or perhaps even more!