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Posted:28 May 2019 | Category: General,News

Volkswagen Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling

Volkswagen Electric Vehicle Battery Recycling

Are you thinking about purchasing an electric vehicle? If so, you might want to turn your attention to Volkswagen. The producer has made a commitment to bringing high quality, reliable, versatile electric vehicles to the market. You won’t be disappointed with the options available on the market today.

For instance, there’s the e-Up! This car is stylish, compact and chic. It also offers an incredible level of tech with an ability to connect to your phone and is the perfect electric city car.

Or, how about the e-Golf. This is the first generation of electric golf and the main selling point here is 0 emissions! This also means that the vehicle is very quiet. So, if you’re looking for a car that runs like a dream on the road, then this could definitely be the best choice.

Then there’s the Passat GTE. With two engines, this provides a fantastic level of performance by switching between the two. An innovative electric motor also boasts a high mileage and a far better level of reliability compared to the typical petrol engine.

How to Recycle Electric Car Batteries?

It’s important to be aware that under law, you cannot dispose of your car battery with household waste. Instead, they will typically be collected at recycling centres or metal facilities. The good news is that these batteries that power electric cars can be recycled. Ultimately, this means that when your battery stops functioning, you can select a green-friendly option. Even older batteries use materials that can largely be recycled.

It’s quite fascinating how these batteries are used once they are recycled too. Did you know that after they are deemed ready for recycling these batteries still have around 80% charge left? It’s true and this means that they can be used to power the grid, alongside everything from solar to wind power.

Contact Volkswagen

As a producer of these industrial kind of batteries, Volkswagen is obligated to take back the electric vehicle batteries at the end of their life for proper treatment and recycling if wanted by the owner. This comes under the Waste Batteries and Accumulations Act 2009 and is free of charge to those who are looking to get these batteries properly taken care of once they are no longer usable. There is a contact email on the website that allows you to get in touch with the company to arrange the return of the battery for proper action to be taken.

Volkswagen has plans to open their pilot recycling electric battery plant in 2020 which has been designed to initially produce as much as 1,200 tonnes per year. There are plans to open further plants to help recycle the batteries from electric cars once the success of the first one has been determined. If you are looking for a way to recycle your Volkswagen electric car battery, sending it back to the company to go to one of these plants might be the best solution.

We hope this helps you understand how to recycle your VW electric battery if you do decide to invest in one of these brilliant vehicles.

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