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Posted:30 November 2018 | Category: Car Affordability,Car Finance,Vehicle Purchase

Volkswagen Financial Services

Motor Vehicle Finance

If you’re thinking of purchasing a car, then the biggest concern on your mind is most likely the financing process. Cars aren’t cheap by any stretch and in addition to the cost of the vehicle itself, you need to think about how much you can afford in terms of insurance, road tax and so on. Money is one of the limiting factors when it comes to purchasing a vehicle, so it only makes sense to consider the financing options available to you. At Sinclair Volkswagen, we’re proud to offer all of our customers personalised financing options to help them pay for our vehicles. It’s quick to apply, you’ll get a free finance check to see if you’re eligible and the entire process is very simple. You can contact us online or speak to us at one of our dealerships for information regarding our financing services and ask any questions that you may have. In this article, we’re going to take a look at the Volkswagen Financial Services available at Sinclair Volkswagen.

Adjustable Financing Provided by NewVehicle

Volkswagen have partnered with NewVehicle to offer our customers affordable financing options. You’ll be able to completely personalize your financing deal with your preferred terms. How much you pay, the term and your initial deposit will all be customisable and you’ll receive quotes from one or more of our lenders. By adjusting your preferred deposit, term and expected annual mileage, you’ll be able to quickly get a quote from one of the lenders we have partnered with. You’ll also get a completely free financing check to see if you’re eligible for our financing options. The check is to estimate the likelihood of being approved for motor finance, and the results will be shown instantly so that you can make a decision as soon as possible. If you like the look of a financing plan we’ve quoted, then this will be the next step to take. After your financial situation has been examined and you’ve picked out a personalised financing option that meets your needs, you’ll be able to learn more information about the terms and conditions and also fill out a quick and simple online form that will save you time when you’re at the dealership. Keep in mind that at this point, you’re still not obliged to buy the vehicle so you can always change your mind! We work together with several lenders to offer you the best quotes possible including companies like Blackhorse and Mann Island. This adjustable and simple financing process gives you more control over your purchase, and we’ll work together with you to secure the best deal for a new Volkswagen vehicle.

Contact Us Today

If you’re interested in learning more about our financing options or are interested in buying a vehicle from Sinclair Volkswagen, contact us either online or by visiting one of our many dealerships throughout South Wales. We have a network of Volkswagen dealerships located in Bridgend, Cardiff, Newport, Neyland, Port Talbot and Swansea.