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Posted:14 March 2019 | Category: News

New Volkswagen I.D. Buggy Concept to be Revealed at the Geneva Motor Show in March

volkswagen id buggy concept

With the Geneva Motor Show currently taking place Palexpo, Le Grand-Saconnex, Switzerland, Volkswagen are set to officially showcase new concept car the I.D Buggy. The electric off-roader was revealed on the eve of the huge 11-day motoring event and will be one of the hot talking points for eco-conscious motorists.

Here's all you need to know about the open-topped door less off-roader and why it has gained so much buzz.

A Fresh Twist on A Retro Vibe

The I.D Buggy is designed with off-road cruising in mind, and pays homage to the Beetle Meyers Manx beach creature. With its exposed off-road wheel and open side skirts, the dune buggy recaptures the magic of the glory days of California dreamin’ by providing a driving experience that is all about connecting with the elements.

Despite the connection to a previous generation, the I.D Buggy is anything but outdated. A futuristic looking body can be protected from the windshield to behind the headrests thanks to the overhead canopy. Meanwhile, the touch controls on the flat-bottomed steering wheel further underline that this is a car for the future.

Of course, this is most notable by the eco-friendly features of the beautiful concept vehicle. However, the I.D Buggy is a conscious effort by Volkswagen to make greener driving fun and functional, bringing an ingredient of emotion to the table rather than relying exclusively on the moral incentives for buying an environmentally friendly vehicle.

Whether the I/D Buggy reaches the public market or not, the fact that it builds upon the popular Modular Electric Toolkit, which is open for other manufacturers to license too, suggests that it probably won’t be long before quirky designs powered by the underlying technology are made available.

A Green Machine In More Ways Than One

The I.D Buggy boasts a 62kWh battery pack, delivering 201 bhp and 228-pound feet of torque. The concept car can reach speeds of 99mph, accelerating from 0 to 60 in an impressive 7.2 seconds. This all translates to a WLTP range of 155 miles according to the vehicle design team.

As things stand, the VW I.D Buggy is a front-wheel drive but the German giants have announced that a second motor could be added to deliver four-wheel drive with minimal fuss, which could potentially lead to even greener driving.

The vehicle isn’t only green from a functional perspective, though. The concept car is a stunning matte green colour that’s designed to further underline the message of “putting the fun in functional”. While sporting two seats, it can be configured to a four-seat alternative too.

Like its predecessor, the I.D Vizzion, the I.D Buggy boasts the proportions of a compact car and has VW logos lit up with LED lighting. 

Find Your Dream Volkswagen Today

The I.D Buggy may only be a concept car at this stage, but Volkswagen has already produced a number of stunning hybrids and green vehicles. Why not book a test drive in one at Sinclair’s today? The road to fun, eco-friendly driving starts now.

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