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Posted:24 June 2019 | Category: General,News

Volkswagen ID R Sets New Nürburgring Electric Vehicle Lap Record

Volkswagen ID R Sets New Nürburgring Electric Vehicle Lap Record

It is the age of electric vehicles and EV technology, which is why manufacturers are in constant battle to raise the bar of what’s possible in this arena. Volkswagen has recently set the new standards as its ID R electric vehicle recently set a new lap record at the famous Nürburgring.
Germany’s Nürburgring is one of the most iconic race tracks in the world, and so any new lap records set on the 12.93-mile Nordschleife circuit are considered a huge barometer of success for drivers and cars. Porsche factory driver Romain Dumas can now claim the fastest lap ever recorded in an EV.

Volkswagen ID R Obliterates Previous Record

As far as Nürburgring records are concerned, this has been one of the big ones in recent times, and the Volkswagen ID R smashed the old record, previously held by the Nio EP9 by a colossal 40 seconds – making it over 10% faster than the time set in 2017.
Dumas completed the Nürburgring circuit in a time of 6:05.336, clocking up an average speed of 206.96 km/h. It’s not the first time that the 41-year-old Frenchman has highlighted the capabilities of VW’s electric vehicles as he also set the record for an EV at Pikes Peak in Colorado, USA back in the summer of 2018.
The time set at the Nürburgring falls just 46 seconds slower than the all-time record at the course, a time of 5:19.55 set by the Porsche 919 Evo. It underlies the progress made in the EV arena in recent years and confirms Volkswagen’s place at the top table of pioneering progress in the field.

Progress That Signals Exciting Times for Road Cars

Volkswagen’s ID R is a vehicle built specifically with race driving in mind. In fact, the engineers behind the car purpose-built car made several changes ahead of the Nürburgring lap to aid both downforce and acceleration while also altering the energy management system.
Still, the performance of the twin motor and battery set-up provides a lot of excitement for what might be in store for EV cars over the coming years. Electric and hybrid motors have become a priority for manufacturers across the globe, with several fantastic options entering the market over the past three years while many more are set to follow, especially as manufacturers often team up to accelerate their progress.
While it seems unlikely that any road-ready vehicle is going to match the speeds of the 690 bhp Volkswagen ID R, faster speeds and longer battery life are key items on the agenda. We may also see the Nürburgring record get beaten and become even closer to the overall record too.

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