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Posted:21 October 2019 | Category: News

New Volkswagen ID.3 EV Offers Piece of Mind with Eight Year or 100,000 Mile Warranty

Volkswagen unveiled its ID .3 EV (Electric Vehicle) at the 2019 Frankfurt motor show, and its engineers are especially enthused about its ground-breaking electric hatchback. In fact, this is the first of 50 vehicles that will be launched by the year 2025, which is why it is considered so important.

The UK government has said that they want all new vehicles manufactured by 2040 to be electric, and many ministers are calling for this date to be brought forward to 2032. The aim is to greatly reduce carbon emissions.

Currently, around 15% of all carbon emissions come from cars, trucks, planes, and other fossil fuel powered vehicles. Engineers have said that the Volkswagen ID .3 EV is the first car, globally, to have a carbon neutral footprint to the customer.

Range Matters

Early worries over the ownership of electric cars tended to concentrate on their range. Car owners didn't want to have to stop and recharge every 50 or even 100 miles. The achievable range of electric cars has increased significantly since the early years, and the ID .3 boasts a range of between 205 and 342 miles dependent on the battery size chosen by the buyer. Another important factor is charge time.

Time to Recharge

While charging time doesn't matter too much when charging overnight at home, it matters a lot when stopped at the services. The ID .3 will charge 161 miles in approximately 30 minutes, which is just enough to grab a cup of coffee while you wait.
Another concern is that of battery longevity. Mobile phone and laptop batteries have a tendency to lose charge over time, and with continuous recharging. The ID .3 will be guaranteed for eight years or 100,000 miles. And VW guarantees that the battery will retain at least 70% of its charge over this period.

Performance and Power

In terms of performance, there will be three battery sizes available – 45, 58, and 77kWh. These batteries will power a choice of 110kW and 150kW e-motors. This means a power output of 148bhp or 201bhp, and owners can expect to reach 62mph in around 7 seconds. VW also plans to launch twin-motor and All Wheel Drive (AWD) models further down the line.

Inside the Volkswagen ID.3 EV

Inside the car, owners will enjoy a clutter free design. The car features a digital dash and large infotainment display, and engineers say that there will only be two manual buttons inside: the hazard lights and window switches. Everything else will be controlled via steering wheel controls or the large infotainment screen.
There's also a mass of storage areas, and there is a lot of rear cabin room that will comfortably house three kids or adults in the space.
Another nice touch are the play and pause pedals that replace the accelerator and brake pedals; these have been brought over from the earlier concept version of the car. As well as the standard infotainment touch screen, an augmented reality head-up display will be one of the options available in the car, on launch.

Volkswagen ID .3 EV: The Car of The Future

There is no doubting that electric cars are the road vehicles of the future, and VW is taking up the mantle and leading the way in e-car production. The ID .3 is the first of a massive new range of electric vehicles to come from the manufacturer and it already looks set to leave its competitors standing.

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