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Posted:10 November 2020 | Category: General,Motor news,Motoring News,News

Volkswagen ID3 Takes Top Marks In Euro Safety Test

Light blue Volkswagen ID3

One of the most important factors in choosing any new car is the safety, and it’s something that you really can’t trade in for anything else. If you are considering getting a new car and you are wondering which might be the safest option for you, one which you should absolutely consider first and foremost is the Volkswagen ID.3, which has been shown to get all the top marks in the Euro safety test recently. That gives you a certain feeling of safety when you are driving this car away for the first time.

Maximum Rating

The Volkswagen ID.3 achieved the maximum rating - that of five stars - from Euro NCAP, at the same time earning a good deal of praise for scoring very good results in every single aspect of the assessment process. That’s not something you see every day, and the kind of thing that really gives you a huge sense of confidence when you are driving the vehicle yourself.

New Electric Hatchback

There is a real movement at the moment towards electric vehicles as we all know, and this ID.3 is one of the latest new electric models to hit the market. It is also the first production car on the Volkswagen Group's new MEB platform, and leads the way for a huge and significant range of electric vehicles due from the badge and its sister badges.

Safety Testing

According to the safety testing ruler Euro NCAP, the Volkswagen ID.3 came out of the safety tests with merit, and scored well in every single possible area at the same time. Overall it achieved 87% for adult occupant protection, 89% for child occupant protection, 71% for vulnerable road user safety, and 88% for its safety assistance systems. That’s a seriously impressive record, and one that you don’t see every day.

Trust Volkswagen For Safety

This is not the first time that Volkswagen has received such positive marks for safety on one of their vehicles. Indeed, it is something that has come to be expected from the brand, with the latest Volkswagen Golf also being given the maximum five-star rating last year. But the ID.3 seems a set above even the Golf, with the Euro NCAP marking out its robust structural integrity, wide array of sensors and a remarkable crash avoidance system - something that many people are particularly excited about in new electric vehicles.

Plus, the ID.3 has also been earmarked for its incredible post-crash safety features, which is not something that you find on every vehicle you drive. It really is clear that you can trust this car’s safety hugely above many other current electric models. With the ID.3, you finally have the proof that you can drive a green and eco-friendly vehicle without having to compromise on the safety of the driver or any other road users. As such, it’s an exciting and innovative moment in car history, and one that many people are going to want to be a part of.

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