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Posted:20 April 2021 | Category: General,Motor news,Motoring News,News

Volkswagen Joins Forces with BP Pulse

Man charging electric vehicle at BP garage

There’s been recent plans announced for the VW Group to team up with BP Pulse in order to help speed up the process of electric vehicles. With so much movement now within car manufacturers to create more lines of electric cars, big powerhouses like VW Group and BP Pulse are joining forces to help accelerate this as fast as possible.

VW Group & BP Pulse Ultra-Fast Charging Network

The agreement sees BP becoming VW’s EV charging partner, developing an extensive network when it comes to ultra-fast charging. Of course, this is one of the most important factors of owning an electric car as making sure it charges as quickly as possible is critical so that it’s not a hassle for the drivers themselves to have to wait around.

The network would be integrated into the VW cars and that is going to make finding the charging points and paying for them, a lot easier. For other EV customers, it’s something that would also be available, which will help improve that spread of access for ultra-fast charging.

BP Retail Sites Are A Benefit

One of the biggest benefits that come with this partnership is that the retail sites offer the best and most convenient spots to charge the electric vehicles. According to BP’s website, around 90% of the UK and German population live close (within twenty minutes) of a BP location.

It’s important to find places that are speedy and easy to access, making it a more enjoyable experience. Instead of it being in the middle of nowhere, next to retail sites means it’s close to coffee shops and various other retail stores where the driver might be able to shop whilst charging the vehicle.

BP is delighted to be working with VW, as to them, they’re one of the most automotive companies out there in the world. The technology and EV customer base that VW Group has can really help when combined with BP’s superior charging experience that’s available.

The challenge that will be found with electric cars is the charging points and the rates at which the charging will reach its full capacity by. The quicker the better and BP is hoping to ensure that energy transition is as seamless as possible.

The Race Is On For Electric-Only By 2030

As mentioned above, there’s definitely a need for progression in the electric car industry and fast. It’s important that every manufacturer and supplier is able to help contribute towards the success of removing petrol and diesel cars by 2030.

It’s an initiative that’s certainly challenging in these times but perhaps it’s something that has inspired the businesses to work harder in getting to that completion point sooner. A partnership like this is going to do wonders for that.

The future of electric cars is certainly on its way, which is why you should be in the know when it comes to Volkswagen motor dealerships like us at Sinclair Volkswagen. We can help you to find the perfect new or used car for your needs.