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Posted:04 April 2019 | Category: News

How Much is a New Volkswagen Polo?


The Polo is Volkswagen’s smallest and most affordable car. But is the car any good? And how much does it cost?

Model Options

VW is currently offering the entry-level of the Polo, the Polo S, for £14,330. Despite the bargain price, the S still comes with five doors, pedestrian monitoring, air conditioning and a host of other features as standards. The small 1.0-litre engine size will appeal to those who want to save money on their insurance premiums, and the manual 5-speed makes this a great first car for those who are just learning to drive.

The next version up in the new VW Polo range is the Polo SE. The Polo SE comes with a 1.0 TSI engine that improves the 0-62 mph performance from the 16.1 seconds of the S to 10.8 seconds - a respectable time.

At just £15,105, the Polo SE comes with alloy wheels, a net-connect app that allows drivers to screen mirror using the car’s infotainment system, and leather trim. The SE, therefore, represents a sweet spot for value and performance, and will likely make up the bulk of Polo sales.

Just above the SE comes the Polo Beats. The Beats is probably the most interesting car in the range, not because of its performance, but because of its distinctive styling and sound. VW has chosen to embellish the Beats with a racing strip that will appear on the left-hand side of the bonnet, the roof and part of the rear door. The car will also feature an 8-channel amplifier, subwoofer and digital sound processor created in partnership with audio electronics vendor, Beats (hence the name). This is a car targeted at people who love to listen to music as they drive.

Other aesthetic modifications include 65 per cent tinted rear windows, decals on the bonnet, and a badge on the central door pillars. As for engine and gearbox, you’ll get a 5-speed manual and the same engine that appears on the SE. The Beats range starts from £16,165.

Next in the range comes the Polo R-Line. R-Line is a new brand from VW and code for “limited edition.” The R-Line will upgrade the exterior trim of the Polo, making it look more sporty, exclusive and professional. R-Line models begin at £18,345 in the UK.

The Polo SEL is the “luxury” car in the Polo range. It’s for people who are more concerned with comfort than they are performance. It features a host of quality-of-life additions that make the car a much more pleasant ride. There’s a two-zone climate-control system, parking sensors all around, a large colour infotainment screen, alloy wheels and a new system called Car-Net Guide and Inform that will update you of traffic conditions.

At the top of the range comes the Polo GTI and GTI Plus. The standard GTI will set you back £21,655 and the GTI Plus £23,155. The GTI comes with 17-inch allows, a 2.0-liter TSI engine and will do 0-62 in just 6.7 seconds. The GTI offers LED headlights and tinted rear windows as standard.

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