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Posted:30 September 2021 | Category: General,News

Volkswagens Electric Car Range - Which One Comes Out On Top

Woman leaning against white Volkswagen ID.3 parked in front of building

Volkswagen has long been associated with the environment, notably in its advertising campaigns. However, with EVs (electric vehicles) rapidly becoming part of our everyday lives, it's time to take a closer look at VW's electric car range and which one comes out on top. As a company that has been around since 1937, it is clear why they have put so much time and effort into their latest creations.

Volkswagen E-Up

With a range of vibrant colours and optional 15" 'blade' alloy wheels, the Volkswagen e-Up! is an electric car that will change how you think about city cars. It offers power with sustainability in style for all your needs on-road or pavement alike. This ultimate modern vehicle provides just what drivers need - from gas stations to parking lots and navigating through traffic lights without stopping (not that we recommend doing so).

Volkswagen's latest electric engine technology allows you to go further than ever before. Once fully charged, the e-Up! can take you 159 miles and is compatible with any standard residential outlet for convenient charging options. No need to hunt down specific types or buy an expensive plugin charger when this one will do everything your heart desires at a more affordable price point. Suppose there are cheaper electricity rates during off-hours. Why not charge in advance so as not to have to wait until mornings? With Volkswagen's innovative "eManager", choosing when it begins.

The e-Up! is a Volkswagen with all the benefits you expect from its predecessors, but with an added bonus. This is because there are so many driving aids designed to help on your road trip. For those who need even more assistance, there's Lane Assist. It will guide you back into the lane if you drift off track. And lastly, they have impressive technology such as autonomous emergency braking systems for those cases where something unexpected happens, like another vehicle cuts across your path without warning.

The e-Up! takes the hassle out of staying connected by instantly connecting your iPhone or Android phone. With its six speakers, this car stereo system blasts your favourite music at you while providing navigation tools and hands-free phone calls so that you can enjoy driving without distractions or worry about missing an important call.

Starting at £25,555, this little number can drive a whopping 159 miles on a fully charged battery.

Volkswagen E-Golf

The e-Golf is a car that has been designed to take on the world with its own electric twist. LED headlights and running lights give it the appearance of being more intelligent than most other vehicles. But, at the same time, the signature blue flash across the front grille reminds drivers just how much power this machine contains!

The e-Golf is Volkswagen's answer to the growing trend of electric cars. It features all of its latest safety technologies, such as Adaptive Cruise Control and Front Assist. These help keep you safe while driving on unfamiliar roads with no shoulder or visibility for miles in each direction! Plus, there are Park Assist technologies built into this little beauty so that if anything happens during your commute (like someone cutting them off), you can automatically stop without ever touching a button- just like magic! And don't forget Traffic Jam Assistant. Now, even when traffic lights aren't cooperating, Emergency Assistance will have everyone's best interests at heart by making sure nobody gets left behind after an accident.

The e-Golf is style encased in their fully adjustable front seats with the convenience of lumbar support, which comes standard in the beauty. The cabin will make you sigh in comfort with its full climate-controlled feature. For those of you who love to kick it up a notch, it's available in leather too.

In today's world of connectivity, the e-Golf offers a comprehensive system that provides for Android and Apple entertainment apps on your dashboard and delivers navigation instructions in the eye-line. In addition, the Active Info Display features hands-free operation with voice guidance. All while you remain focused behind the steering wheel.

Beginning at £25,500, this electric number will zip around the roads for 144 miles on a fully charged battery. Battery running low? You can charge your car from 0-80% capacity in 45 minutes using a rapid charger. Not sure if you have enough in the bank to cover the charge? Based on the home charge with a typical cost of 14p/KWh, you just need to pay £5 to cover a full charge - budget made easy.

Volkswagen ID. 3

The revolutionary ID.3 is a vehicle that knows you like no other. With an enticing mix of sleek lines and intelligent technology to make it seem almost human in its attention-grabbing abilities.

ID.3 brings you a connection with your vehicle like never before. It recognizes and lights up when approached. The car key-fob uses an optional 'Keyless Advanced' locking & starting system and the Matrix LED headlights that wink at you, making ID.'s seem almost human! Moreover, the stylish light inside makes you feel welcomed immediately. Because you are greeted by their own personalized greeting signal from an invisible friend: "ID Light", who says goodbye by turning off after departure.

The ID.3 has three battery sizes to accommodate a variety of needs. With each size capable of handling the travel from work as well as dropping off kids at school and coming home in time for dinner. The 45 kWh will provide up to 180 miles range when charging through direct current (DC) at 100 kW performance. Still, those who commute longer distances may want something larger like 77kWh net capacity, which allows trips over 340 miles, thanks mainly to its greater power output per brick*. Every person can now do what was once impossible: drive far away into nature - safely*easily.

When it comes to navigating through traffic, there's no better way than the ID. Light! The optional navigation system makes driving easier for everyone in your family. With its handy voice control and light signals that respond when you speak or use an app on your phone- all without taking attention off the road (or holding up lines). When leaving this innovative vehicle behind after parking at home - say goodbye one last time.

Beginning at £30,935,000 for the ID. 3 Pro. The ID. 3 has 4 battery sizes performances you can choose from depending on your needs. Pure Performance, Pro, Pro Performance, and Pro S. The sizes vary, starting at a 150PS 45kWH (Net) battery with up to the 214-mile range to the top range of 204 PS 77kWh (Net) battery with up to 340-mile range.

Volkswagen ID. 4

The most attractive electric SUV on the market is now even better. The new ID4 has an exterior design that's both futuristic and practical, with 18 inches of ground clearance for when you need to get a little dirty.

It's great because you can drive around in style while saving on fuel costs. All thanks to this fantastic design combined with perfect safety features like roof rails for additional luggage or recessed door handles that improve aerodynamics. The exterior also includes LED lights front and rear and an optional tow bar that will make your life easier when driving long distances on less power sources.

The ID.4 Life Pro Performance battery electric vehicle has a WLTP* combined range of 322 miles with 77kWh net capacity and 204PS power output. Making it perfect for those who need to get around town but can't afford gas prices or just don't like driving fossil fuel-powered cars any longer. The Pro performance model also provides accessories such as rainwear because you never know when your run in traffic will end up being quite literally drenched at work.

The ID.4 has features that make driving more fun and safe. Such as the Lane Assist system with steering intervention, Front Assist for monitoring your surroundings in front of you or warning if there are any obstacles about to collide from behind. Adaptive cruise control allows drivers hands-free functionality during long journeys where they can instead focus on other tasks without worrying whether their car is slowing down enough before entering an intersection, etc.

The ID.4 is an eco-friendly and intelligent sports car that will help you avoid parking collisions or reduce damage using its automatic manoeuvre braking function. Also, the speed limiter included in this model's features can go up to 99 mph. You can easily afford the ID. 4 GTX for around £48,510. So it's no wonder that the Volkswagen ID.4 was crowned the winner of the 2021 World Car Award.

Volkswagen ID. 5

The ID.5 is a sleek and sporty SUV that has been built on the MEB, which underpins all of Volkswagen's electric vehicles to date. It showcases an elegant design with ample interior space for passengers and an advanced Driver Assist system. Thus, making it perfect both in city driving or out on roads where there's no gasoline available.

The ID.5 is a third model in the ID family to arrive within the next year. And another concrete step on their way to becoming the most desirable brand of sustainable mobility. Like its predecessors, this new electric vehicle will be net carbon neutral when it reaches the customer's garage. This is due to various measures used for reducing CO2 during production. Such as using green electricity both while making battery cells and producing them. And taking care that there aren't any fossil fuels involved (such as via hybridization).

The ID.5 is an electric car with pure performance! The all-electric motors give you exceptional torque for lightning-fast acceleration. The battery can be charged from 0% to full in just 10 minutes. Its low centre of gravity allows excellent handling capabilities on twisty roads or country drives alike (up to 335 miles per charge). So get ready because this baby has a range far greater than any other vehicle - 308 Miles In The ID 5 GTX.

The ID.5 GTX is the perfect choice for drivers who want a car that can take them anywhere they need to go, no matter how twisty or straightforward it may be. The all-wheel-drive system ensures maximum traction at every turn while still delivering comfort on long journeys. With minimal noise from those motors, you'll love listening to it because this vehicle purrrrsses like nobody else!

Volkswagen E-Remote

Volkswagen not only focuses on saving the planet with their EV's, but they focus on making life with your Volkswagen more convenient and accessible with the E-Remote. This nifty app provides you with the 7 key functions of your EV, all at the comfort of your couch or any current location.

  1. Charing service checks the battery current level and gives you access to start and stop the charging sessions.
  2. Departure Time allows you to choose when your EV's battery should be charged.
  3. Air Conditioning services give you the power to heat up or cool down your EV before you even step into it.
  4. The parking Position is brilliant for those who are lost in thought and forgot where they parked. Need to save some time? It will even show you the quickest route to get to your car, and if you have people travelling with you, you can even share the location of your vehicle with them.
  5. Doors and Lights service will give you the added reassurance that your car's doors are locked, and the lights are off.  
  6. Vehicle Status provides an overview of your car, like when the battery needs charging or how far it can still go.
  7. Driving Data gives you a quick glance at your driving behaviour - how far you drove, energy usage etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Volkswagen have an electric car?
Yes, in fact, Volkswagen has five electric models.

How much will the VW electric car cost?
Depending on your model and battery size, it can start from around £25,500.

How many electric models does VW have?
Volkswagen currently has five electrical models - The e-Golf, e-UP, ID.3, ID.4, and the ID.5.

How much is VW E-golf?
Starting at £25,555