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Posted:01 May 2019 | Category: General

VW Golf Reliability

VW Golf Reliability

The Volkswagen Golf is a car that oozes safety. It's got the feel like it's been built like a tank, with consistent shut lines that remain narrow and high quality of the materials throughout the vehicle. This a car that is smooth, quiet and doesn't squeak or rattle as it moves. The strong safety record behind the VW Golf and the general Volkswagen brand can prove how reliable this vehicle is. The cars are stocked up with no less than seven airbags - which includes one by the knee of the driver. There is also a 5* Euro NCAP rating, which is massively impressive for a vehicle of this size.

Standard Safety Across the Range

The Volkswagen Golf has safety features including an electric parking brake that comes equipped with an auto hold function. There is also electronic tyre pressure monitoring for your balance on the road. You'll find the VW Golf has stability control and front passenger airbag deactivation. This is complemented by the hydraulic brake assist, with most of the vehicles having Front assist, too. This all comes with city emergency braking and pedestrian detection; which means that you get ultra-safety no matter how busy it is. Lastly, you'll find safety options like lane assist with a side scanner, monitoring of the blind spot as well as dynamic light assist and park assist. Rear side airbags cement the reliability of this vehicle, making it one you won't ever regret buying.

Is It Worth the Cost?

As the Volkswagen Golf is not the cheapest family car option that you can buy, it's always worth a moment of hesitation. However, you must ask yourself whether there is a price on your safety and that of your family. Of course not! This is a car with a super strong retail value, and it's such a fuel-efficient vehicle that over three years, it will cost you very little to run! While it doesn't dominate the name of the VW Golf in the same way that the previous versions have, it's still a premium option compared to the Focus. It's a spacious and quiet vehicle that remains a smart one on the road. It cannot be beaten as an all-rounder, too.

What Next?

Now, it's time to take it for a test drive. It's an adaptable vehicle no matter how many cars you've had before. It's responsive and ready to go with excellent visibility, ticking all the boxes for what you want from a good, reliable vehicle.

In the end, the Volkswagen Golf is an all-round vehicle that is massively capable on the road. It doesn't matter whether you are looking for a quick run around or you want something to cruise you down the motorway. It's the car that fits the bill of adaptability and comfort. It's the perfect family hatchback to get on the road and know that you can rely on the vehicle to be there for you in times of emergency.

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