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Posted:06 August 2020 | Category: New Model

The New VW Tiguan Gets A Hybrid Plug-in Option

In 2016 VW launched its SUV strategy with the second-generation Tiguan, which served as the foundational vehicle for many successful models worldwide. The forthcoming Tiguan Hybrid SUV is the next stage of the plan. The updated model will be electric and digital to meet the demands of consumers beyond 2020. The vehicle is reliably familiar with some surprising new features.  

What's New On The Outside 

The new Volkswagen Tiguan is not likely to disappoint those familiar with the popular SUV. The vehicle, set for release in 2021, is virtually unchanged from its predecessors in terms of its external appearance. Notably, however, the bonnet is higher, and the grille is wider, the bumpers have also been redesigned. Apart from these very minor alterations, the VW Tiguan is as solid and robust as you might expect.  

Blue Volkswagen Tiguan

What's New On The Inside 

The VW philosophy appears to be to build on existing features that are already effective and familiar to customers. That's just as true of the interior as it is of the exterior. Only minor alterations have been made to enhance the already top-of-the-range upholstery and info technology. The main difference from its predecessors is the climate controls, which now have touch-sensitive sliders that allow you to swipe left and right to control the fan and temperature. As an extra, it's available with a ten-speaker sound system.  

Volkswagen Tiguan infotainment system

The New Hybrid Plug-in Option 

Many consumers, along with car manufacturers these days are making the switch to electrified vehicles. The reasons seem obvious; there is a growing demand for a reduction in carbon emissions by individuals and governments. With low emissions zones becoming common in towns and cities across the country, it makes sense to consider your priorities when buying a new vehicle. VW has considered theirs and are now offering the new Tiguan in a Hybrid Plug-in model.    

The Hybrid Plug-in Tiguan uses a combination of combustion engine and electric battery. The electric battery can manage a 30-mile range on the electric battery-power alone. According to VW, this is more than enough for most customers' everyday use. When using the drive mode and powering your can with the combustion engine, the electric battery stores energy for later use. On a full charge, the car can be driven at up to 80mph on the battery charge alone, but this will run it down fairly quickly. 

With low emissions zones coming into force in many cities, the hybrid Tiguan is your best option if you're an inner-city driver. Simply switch gears and use the electric power for your commute's last leg and charge up your Tiguan using an external charging port - many of which are free. 


When Can I buy One

Prices for the new Volkswagen Tiguan are yet to be released, but many expect it to increase; the current model starts around £25,500. The Volkswagen Tiguan Plug-in Hybrid will be available early in 2021, but orders can be made in the autumn of 2020. If you're looking for a reliable SUV that is versatile and supports a low-carbon future, the Hybrid Tiguan is an excellent choice. 

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