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Posted:23 March 2021 | Category: New Model,News

New VW Tiguan R on sale now and arriving in Spring

Blue Volkswagen Tiguan R driving on road

You can now buy the first-ever Volkswagen Tiguan R for £45,915. It is the flagship model of the new and improved Tiguan.It boasts a powerful 2.0L petrol engine and a few chassis tweaks that make it feel like a whole new car.There are currently a few R models in the new lineup, Golf R, T-Roc R and Touareg R and a new one on the way, Arteon R.

The R range is a high-performance line from Volkswagen.The midsized family SUV uses the same powertrain as the Arteon R that is on the way. A quick look at the specs of the Tiguan R will show you a rapid acceleration. You can get to 62mph in just 4./9 second.The top speed you can reach in the car is 155mph due to the electronic limits. For a large family SUV, this is an impressive top speed.

A 7-speed four-wheel-drive DSG auto is what powers the vehicle.Something that makes the Tiguan R stand out is the ability to drive it how you want to. There are three different driving modes: Comfort, Sport, Race, Offroad, Snow and Individual settings.To switch into Race mode, you simply need to hit the R button that is situated on the steering wheel.

Sport is the default, so it is the first mode you’re going to experience. As you would expect from Comfort mode, the drive is smooth and comfortable.Eco mode strips everything back and will give you a more economical drive.Available tweaks are the Akrapovic exhaust. It sounds incredible and is something worth considering. This is a quad-exit exhaust and is an optional extra.

You can also enjoy a great new infotainment screen and includes a touch-sensitive climate control. Unlike using regular buttons, you will receive haptic feedback to know that your choice has been made.The new front seats are also unique and incredibly comfortable. The single piece of Alcantara and fabric is well designed and nice to look at. These supportive and comfortable chairs make the Tiguan R perfect for long drives.

All of the Tiguan Rs will get the sports wheel as standard. It is comfortable to hold and is fitted with touch-sensitive buttons.Some of the other standard features include Matrix LED headlights, keyless entry and start, and a rear-view camera. Not only that but heated front seats and a semi-autonomous driving function.

What sets the Tiguan R apart is its sleek body kit, the larger than average brakes, and the 21-inch alloys. The perfect blend of family SUV, long drive comfort and power under the hood comes from the Volkswagen New Tiguan R.The Volkswagen Tiguan R is the most potent Tiguan to date and combines smooth performance, a new body and plenty of comforts. A carbon dashboard inlay, fixed headrests, and stainless steel pedals are all extra to enjoy.

The Tiguan R is a fast and accurate SUV.The Tiguan has been a long-standing reliable and successful SUV in Europe, with one leaving the production line every 35 seconds.

For more information, contact Sinclair Volkswagen.